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Overview of HP’s 3D Printer

3D printing used to be huge and expensive business, but not anymore. With HP’s 3D Printer on the market, everyone can get a good grasp of what this technology is really about.

What are the features of the HP Designjet 3D and Color 3D Printer?


– It uses ABS plastic. The material is a lot better than non-reinforced resin, has excellent impact resistance, moderate strength and good resistance to acid. Most importantly, it has great aesthetic potentials. Whether used in creating a mold or the product itself, the result would be impressive.

– It has a removal system. This ensure that any printing you do won’t be messy or require extensive cleaning after every time you print something. Quite hard to imagine considering that ABS plastic is used, right? But this printer takes care of the mess to ensure that your workstation stays clean.

– It has a built-in network card. Like traditional printers, HP’s 3D printer also allows workgroup sharing, where more than one people can use the machine without the need to go to the printer, except to retrieve the printout. This makes for easy collaboration and increased productivity.

But what makes it better is that it can print models that are 33% larger. Along with its 2-print mode feature, it works 30% faster, cutting down print time significantly.

What can this mean for a lot of industries? Improved product output and efficiency.


A manufacturer of homeware items, for example, can run a production line immediately without the need for a mold that is expensive and requires time to create. Designs are also copied with precision since it is fed from a computer. This is the very reasons why 3D printing has now become an artist or designer’s best friend. With the manufacturing process shortened to a certain extent, cost of production and products will be lesser as well.

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