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Royal Scandals: Tale of the Most Notable Royal Blunders

There is no such thing as happily ever after, especially for the real-life royalties. They may be viewed to have a fairy-tale life, but the reality is far from all sunshine and everlasting love.

In the wake of the news that Princess Cristina, the sister of Spain’s King Felipe VI, will be tried for fraud, dreams are sure to be shattered. Then again, her case is not the first royal scandal that happened over the years. After all, they are just humans who commit mistakes. The only difference is that they have titles and entitlements attached to their name.


Prince Charles Dreams to Become a Tampon

We understand if you want to take a pause and read the subheading again. Everyone else probably did the same thing. You can just imagine the colorful reaction. In a 1991 conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, which was secretly recorded, the prince exclaimed that he wanted to be a tampon, so he can live inside Camilla’s trousers forever. Well, they are married now, and Prince Charles probably has no need to become a tampon. That didn’t come out right, did it?

TRH Prince of Wales & The Duchess Of Cornwall - Official Wedding Photo

When Fairy Tale Takes a Murderous Turn

Hazliza Ishak is the second wife of Prince Raja Jaafar of Malaysia. As a former model, her marriage to the prince must have felt like a dream come true, until a nightmare descended upon her in the form of the Prince’s first wife, Raja Nor. It was alleged that the first wife ordered the kidnap and murder of the second wife, and was promptly considered a suspect. But three fishermen were charged for the murder instead. It was very unfortunate that Ishak never woke up from her bad dream of being bound, strangled and then thrown off a waterfall.

Aside from these, royalties tend to marry below their ranks or have bizarre choices for a husband or wife. The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden married her personal trainer, Prince Haakon of Norway married a single mother whose baby daddy is a drug dealer, and Princess Stephanie of Monaco married two circus performers—an elephant trainer and then a trapeze artist.

Ah, royalty!

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