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Saying Goodbye to Dry Skin Brought about By Winter

Finally, winter is almost over. You can now say goodbye to those bulky clothing… for now. Most importantly, your skin can finally breathe and look amazing again. How? Read on.

  1. Forego warm baths. During winter, hot baths are okay – you need them to keep your body from freezing. Although the heat of the water did well for your body, your skin suffered severely. Now that it’s springtime, which means that temperatures will be rising, hot showers should be a no-no as they can take away your body’s natural oils.Facial_mask
  2. Use rich creams instead of lotions. Thicker creams are more emollient, retaining water in your skin. Be sure to hydrate your skin, especially your face, every night.
  3. Soak in tepid water. By doing so, you are bringing back the moisture that was lost during winter. This is to re-hydrate your skin, which the coldness of winter dried out.
  4. Choose products that contain lipids. Beauty products with Stearic Acid (animal fat) and Glyco-Lipids can help prevent moisture loss.Cold_Cream-2
  5. Turn to oils. Flaxseed and fish oils are good for your skin. They are high in Omega-3, helping improve your skin’s appearance as well as relieve the pain of stiff sore joints.
  6. Don’t use soap. Some soaps can dry your skin out. Use non-soap cleanser instead, especially those that contain chamomile, lavender and other plant extracts that help replenish you body’s natural moisture. Botanicals are perfect for wind-chapped or exposed skin.
  7. Avoid too much sunlight. A bit of sunlight on your skin is okay. But being exposed under the sun for long periods can also dry your skin. So use sun-protection lotion and avoid going out when the sun is the hottest.

Take a look at these tips and share with others, so you can also help them bring back the glow in their skin.

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