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Shapeways presents the first bumper case for Motorola Moto 360

You know that the owners of smartphones, especially when it comes to top-of- love protection for your device through the use of films, bumper covers and houses more or less complex – they do this in order to maintain the perfect shopping time. If you can do this for a smartphone, why not apply it to the smartwatch?


Surely this is the question that is put to Shapeways , a site that specializes in the printing of 3D objects, which produced the first bumper protective case for Moto 360! Available in different colors and in two different forms, new protective shells that allow you to secure the metal case of the smartwatch by protecting it from accidental bumps and scratches.

You can choose between a model that can completely cover the edges of your Moto 360 or a smaller version that reveals a small portion of the metal frame of the device.

The bumper cases are made of plastic materials by the 3D printing process, and consequently, they are quite cheap, since it will be possible to bring one home to only 8 dollars. If you want to take a closer look, we leave the direct link to the site, although you’ll probably have to wait a bit more before you can use it on your Moto 360 .




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