Sony FES | The first watch able to change its appearance

Electronic ink is used on some devices, mainly book readers such as Kindle, cause it allows to display elementary black and white graphics without spending too much energy and with a great readability even in direct sunlight. This watch uses that technology and uses it to modify its design whenever the user wants.

The same watch

The same watch

It is not a smartwatch -therefore the battery can last up to two months with a single charge- but rather a trendy article . It has a slim body and the most curious fact about it is that not only the cover is made with e-ink screen, but the entire belt.
Each time the user touches the clock on one side, it will change its design to appear with different ‘looks’ and textures; thus, you can wear a ‘different’ watch every time you want. FES offers up to 24 different designs to choose from.
In the following videos it is better shown the design and operation of FES, and if you speak Japanese, you will surely understand the full explanation posed:

The device is only available in Japan through a crowdfunding site called Makuake; for a watch you should offer about $167, but only for those living in the eastern country.

As you can see, this concept was developed independently from Sony, but this company is behind the whole project since FES is a subdivision of the Japanese company. It is not known whether the device will be sold under Sony trademark because at the moment it still appears in the Makuake site with the promise of delivering the first watches in May 2015.

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