The Ara Project is closer than we could imagine

Although Google ATAP guys had us quite abandoned after Google had registered the Ara trademark, it seems the modular smartphone continues its evolution and is closer than we could imagine.A Project Ara phone

It has been just a few days the new Ara Project motherboard, Spiral 2, came true, and now we have to talk again of good news on the project development, it seems that Google has already begun developing the Ara Project modules store.

This is a platform similar to Google Play Store, where users of Project Ara may acquire new components for their modular phone, comment about them and even value them so others can have first-hand opinions when buying new parts for modular smartphone.

Currently it is not known an official name for that store, rumor has it to be Ara Market, but what is known is that Google has already commissioned the development of the platform, which would have already begun in order to have it ready for 2015.

Imagine the store where to buy all this

Imagine the store where to buy all this

For those who do not know yet, we speak of what will be the first modular smartphone to allow users to choose the components according to their needs, as Ara Project consists of a motherboard to which we will add pieces to build the terminal (chipset, camera, memory, etc.).

It is still unknow who the first partners of the project will be, although it is clear that Google should get that major firms such as Qualcomm and Sony take their main components to Ara Project.

As you will imagine, for now there are no prices known for motherboard or components, nor its date of arrival, but next January there are already several lectures cited with demonstrations of the project, so we do not have to wait long to know more information.


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