The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein | Free access to his original texts

The publisher of Princeton University has introduced its new website The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, where anyone can feel free to dive into various digitized texts of Albert Einstein, like for example the original articles on the theory of relativity, the telegram announcing the Nobel Prize in Physics, his early writings, lectures, or love letters to his wife.

In total, more than 5,000 letters written along the first 44 years of life of this revolutionary scientist, but many more are also expected to be incorporated. The volumes are presented with their texts in the original version, accompanied by translations, annotations and academic explanations in English.

His documents as he meant them to be

His documents as he meant them to be

According to Diana L. Kormos-Buchwald, director of the project: ‘this material has been carefully researched and annotated over the last twenty-five years and contains all of Einstein’s scientific and popular writings, drafts, lecture notes, and diaries, and his professional and personal correspondence up to his forty-fourth birthday—so users will discover major scientific articles on the general theory of relativity, gravitation, and quantum theory alongside his love letters to his first wife, correspondence with his children, and his intense exchanges with other notable scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, and political personalities of the early twentieth century’.

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