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The strange melody comet 67P makes

The universe’s still a strange place. The physics we know -in principle- applies to the entire known universe, yet it shows fascinating facets we hadn’t even suspected. For example, with the Rosetta mission on 12 November will try to land Philae probe to analyze from the surface of the comet the geological and light properties over even our solar system, it was found the comet makes a peculiar noise.

Comet 67P

Comet 67P

Rosetta vibrations detected vibrations in the form of oscillations in the magnetic field on 67P comet’s surface. These oscillations are inaudible to the human ear, whose audible range is from 20 cycles per second (hertz) and 20,000. Scientists think these vibrations are caused by an ionization process by releasing neutral particles in space that are charged with electricity.

The “sound” of the comet was detected between 40-50 Millihertz, pretty below the human range. However, to get an idea, scientists increased their frequency on about 10 thousand times. Noise (in space sound’s not transmitted, don’t forget), was first detected in August this year, when Rosetta analyzed the plasma environment surrounding the comet. In that state, we talk about a gas that is electrically conductive and it can transmit electric currents and magnetic fields. Therefore, the scientists suggest that it’s probably a process of ionization the comet has. Still it’s not know for sure the physical mechanism behind these oscillations.

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