What to Do to Burn Your Holiday Fats

Are you guilty of binge eating during the holidays? Well, you’re not alone! What can you do, the holiday table was always on feast mode, packed with all the beloved dishes and home-cooked meals? Now don’t fret that you’ve gained so much during the holidays. Here are ways to shed off those holiday fats.

Hydrate by drinking plenty of water. Don’t mistake thirst for hunger. Drink water first and then see if you still feel hungry, that’s the time to grab a burger or sandwich.


When you feel a sudden urge to eat unhealthy food, give it time. Wait for about 10 minutes. If the craving is still there, then give yourself a chance (one splurge out of 20 diet meals). If the craving is gone, well and good. You spared yourself this time.

Eat small meals throughout the day. This prevents you from getting so hungry, you end up eating more than you should. Bring with you light snacks you can easily munch on such as nuts, dried fruits and a small pack of fruit. Enhance your meals with salsa, yogurt dip or chutney because these are healthy alternatives to mayonnaise and improves food flavor considerably. 

Set realistic weight goals. It’s no use aiming for the moon. Spread your weight loss goal over a year, and then achieve monthly or weekly goals instead. It’s easier to achieve milestones, and before you know it, you’re already on to achieving your goal for the whole year.


When dining out, don’t consume everything on your plate. Just finish off two thirds of the serving and then have your leftover packed for you to take home as a snack or a meal the next day.

Combine diet with exercise. There’s never a shortcut to losing weight. Never trust no-exercise weight loss programs out there. They never work or if they do, they’re simply too unhealthy.

Most of all, be easy on yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard. Try to lose 10 pounds in 3-5 months, and then maintain that weight. Don’t try to lose anymore in 6 months but give your body some time to adjust to your new weight. Losing so much in very little time is like punishing yourself. Enjoy the healthy you.

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