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Why having a personal website is a good investment?

A personal website is probably something you haven’t thought about too much – after all, you are not a celebrity, a famous sports person or a well-known politician, and you don’t have a bunch of screaming fans who want to follow every single step you make and know every single little detail about your life. But a personal website is still a very smart investment that could pay off quickly, and it has more benefits than you may imagine. If the main reason you don’t have your personal website yet is the fact that you aren’t very computer-savvy and you think you won’t be able to build a personal website by yourself, don’t worry – these kinds of sites are really simple to create if you use a good website builder that will guide you through the entire process. If you’re considering building a personal website yourself, here are some of the main advantages you can look forward to.

A personal website is a great way to build your career

Getting your career on the right track is more difficult nowadays than it ever was before, so it is extremely important you do absolutely everything you can to impress your future employers. If you still think that traditional job applications are all you need to land your dream job, you are unfortunately very wrong – research shows that up to 80% of jobs are never advertised, so being proactive and enabling potential employers to get to know you even before they know they have a position to fill is definitely an important advantage. 56% of hiring managers said that they are more impressed by a job seeker’s personal website than by any other personal branding tool, and considering the fact that only about 7% of people looking for a job actually have a personal advantage, this could easily be the factor that tips the scale. A personal website gives you the chance to express your personality, which you can’t always do with a resume, and it gives you the opportunity to point out your strongest sides in a creative, innovative way.

©, Squaredpixels

©, Squaredpixels

A personal website makes it easier to stay in touch with your contacts

Whether you are looking for a new job, an interesting business venture or simply want to keep in touch with your old contacts, a personal website is the most efficient and the simplest way to do so. First of all, it makes it easy to give people your contact information: instead of burdening them with your e-mail address, your phone number, your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook profile, your Twitter profile and your home address, you can simply provide them with one simple link, such as This way, your contacts will have all the platforms that they can reach you through gathered in one, convenient place. It’s not only great for your current contacts; it is also a very efficient way to get in touch with your long lost contacts, such as your school mates or your college roommates. If they want to get in touch, it is very likely that they will try to do that by finding you with a search engine, and if you have a personal website, their search can lead them directly to you.

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©, progat

A personal website gives you a great platform to express your opinions

Having and expressing your opinions is an important part of getting ahead, and it’s good to have a platform that enables you to do that. Having a personal website gives you a chance to share your knowledge, experience and ideas with others. The great part about is that a website is global – you can share your views with people from all over the world with whom you might never have crossed paths with otherwise. A personal blog that can either voice your personal opinions or discuss your professional ideas is a great addition to your personal website. If you want to take it a step further and make it more interactive, you can also enable reader’s comments that help you get some precious feedback, or even install a forum, in which you can discuss your ideas and views with other people.

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